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…la Pasta è l’incontro tra tradizione e scienza medica. Innovazione e storia, valori e qualità

One portion of 120 g of Polimeal pasta will provide you with around 50% of your daily protein requirement and 30% of your daily fiber needs, without having to give up the taste of traditional homemade pasta.

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Polimeal Pasta combines wellness with sustainability since its ingredients (complex cereals, fibers and vegetable proteins) have a low environmental impact.

Polimeal Pasta has been refined thanks to the Italian tradition.
Semolina made from selected Italian grain.
Dried slowly.
Bronze drawn pasta.

Compared to traditional pasta  a portion of 120 g  of Polimeal Pasta has 25% fewer carbohydrates but still

  • 50% of your daily requirement of high biological value proteins
  • 30% of your daily fiber requirement